Review: The Distance

HE Did it Again
Author: Clint Nickelson
For those of you who already know of Gabriel Zacchai, you know he has been pumping out beautifully and brutally honest music and art for over 15 years. And that is exactly what this album is- honest and beautiful. It’s full of soothing blues guitar with little sprinkels of bluegrass here and there. I think that it demands the listeners’ participation in an objective look at themselves and the world around them. It also has the best cover of Angeles I’ve ever heard.


Master of the acoustic blues riff!

author: Putnam Smith
Top notch album, from an absolute master of the acoustic blues/alt-country riff. Zacchai’s raw guitar sound cuts deep — matched with his soaring, resonant voice — this stuff goes right to the marrow. From the personal, to the political, this is music that gets the job done. This is damn good Sh*%@t!
The Distance
author: TomOfMaine
This is an album that we never get tired of hearing, even after almost 2 years of steady rotation in our cd player. The entire album consists of incredibly pleasing songs, with meaning.

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