Review: Great Escape

“…The album just gets richer and richer the more I listen to it! This is the mark of great music/art in my book! There are no holes. It has all the classic Gabe hallmarks, the dramatic sweeping of the guitar strings, in a way only he can do…the perfectly placed mandolin injections–the balance between traditional and modern textures. Also just the great f***ing playing! I love “The Farm”! Capalldi and Mason would be proud! Amazing lyrics! “Like Water” too hit me hard. There is a lot more compassion in the music. Fatherhood has softened the heart (is my theory), and in a good way! It’s really cool to see the music bend and twist over the years, I am an “old” fan now!”

-John Paul Marchand, ‘Tempest Broog Radio’, KXCI Tucson, Az.

I’ve listened to it quite a few times now, mostly in the car but also on my monitors at home and I’ve gotta say you really did a great job recording! Everything sounds natural and the mixes are clear and well balanced. I was especially impressed with how good the madolin sounded, I’ve never recorded one before but I’ve always thought it would be a difficult instrument to record. I liked all of the songs, I think my favorite was “The Farm”, I really like the flow of the song and it’s got a really cool kind of somber melody. My other favorites were “Doomer’s Song, “Cash Farmer”, and “Fake it till you make it”.

-Jesse Thulin, Soundbender

Yeah, no surprise there that Doomer is m fana’s fav… However, the whole damn CD is great…but you know me, love that in your face, take no prisoners stuff best…. listened again early AM this morn, this time in my Audio Technica Studio Monitoring Headphones (phenomenal, i almost can’t stand to listen to anything anywhere else!)… to catch all the subtleties and recording quality (most excellent by the way)….BUT WAIT! The musicianship has taken a turn for the wondrous…your playing (and the others, particularly that fiddle chick) is great…no shit! Mixes are good too…BUT WAIT! Your vocals are bettah than evah! You should be extremely proud of your latest venture…gotta listen some more…maybe on the cheapest gear anywhere in the Universe, then back to AT World. Now, give me more kick ass doomer stuff too…pure GZ… Damn good kid!

-Robert Schick Farmer/ Pirate

Been enjoying your new album — lots of good stuff on there — and I agree that your production choices are great.  Keepin it simple and clean and direct — but layin it on with some hot fiddling and mandolin pickin when the tune calls for it.

-Putnam Smith


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