Review: Corporate Cult: Next

“Gabe’s all over the map… [he]seems to be able to cover all those “styles” and pull them all off realistically (whatever the f*#@ that means anymore)… Your vocals have never sounded better and the electric guitar parts you play fit perfectly”

-relentless, Musician, Deviant

“You have done an awesome job…and the sound quality really is great. I think that the different styles of music work together and offer a variety that really keeps the album interesting. I suppose you could have written 10 or 12 tracks that sounded the same but don’t all the shit pop records have 12 identical songs on them? I think that the message is very clear, anger has many faces and you can write a pissed of song in almost any style…”

-Jesse Thulin, Soundbender

“Gabe, I listened to all of Corporate Cult straight through. That is a remarkable record. Your artistry and writing, your engineering and production, your vocals and musicianship all shine. Of course I’m on board with all the sentiments expressed on this CD. Gotta think millions more are.”

…”When I hear an artist’s work, I like to imagine who they’ve listened to. Besides a host of contemporaries, I can hear Pink Floyd, David Bowie and even John Prine in Corporate Cult. The balance and the mixes are impeccable, the musicianship is sure-footed, and Zacchia’s take on American decadence should be heard by all of his generation. Download this thing now.”

-Randy Spencer, Musician, Maine Guide, Columnist.


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