Complete List of Original Works

Over 102 completed songs since 1988: 95 of them recorded on 7 albums and collected works.

Az it wuz

Hard time


Nunz on the track

I and eye blues

Any other way

First impressions

No time like a present (w/ Joel Leland)

Quit callin me dave

Left foot stumble

Sick soak swing

Up in smoke


El forestero

Anti-conformist weirdo

Building a flea ladder to the moon

Wish on the wind

Los zapatos descalzados (w/ Craig Weitzman)

Paradise in a teacup

Isles of mike

Busca la musica

Penasco serenade

La candela cuerta


One hundred hands

we’re so sorry

short unlikely blues

Siara street


Remember me


Armageddon salut

Bolton’s doo (w/ Shawn Davis)

JL talkin blues

Does humor belong in the workplace?

2 minutes with Ricky (w/ Justin Reeves)

N.Y. theme



Portrait of the old man on my street

Water song


Jigsaw jazz

Anxiety II

The story of steve

Attic hours

Christian mourning blues

Bad poetry for suicide

The distance (w/ Celena Zacchai)

Me and the dog

Stealin J’s Head

Buffalo Bill (w/ Shawn Davis)

When I go


(hidden track on the distance)


Delicate apathy (w/ Celena Zacchai)

My god

Open letter to Matt

We’re all goin to heaven

The ballad of alpha farm (w/ Celena Zacchai)

The Edukatorz

Welcome to the real world

Rupert Murdoch needs a friend



Paper or plastic

Eloquent warfare

Casual cruelty

Holy war

Double negative blues

That’s the lie

The best I’m in

Front of the line

Tell me you love me

Ignore it to death

Right back at you

One love

Freedom bound

Fancy toilet paper roll

Babbling bleep

Starlite 5

Machias welcome song


Cash farmer

Fake it till you make it

Empty road

We drive away

Doomer song

Open season

A banker’s ballad

Great escape

The farm

Like water

Happy thoughts!

Jesus didn’t have no kids

Miss my baby

Buy the ticket

Hey kid

Bruce and david talkin blues

The legend of lower-middle class man

Front porch swingin




Great divide


Snake oil

Free by comparison

Dear sony



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